The Region Val de Loire

It exists about 2400 castles in Region Centers Valley of Loire, of which 842 for the only department of the Indre and Loire.


This big forest region is crossed of is in west by the longest French stream, The Loire, that is also the only even wild stream of Europe. The Valley of Loire is ever the vast site of France registered to the world heritage of the UNESCO.


The region Centers, more known as Valley of Loire, is a region preserved hiding many treasure and you risk to fall under his/her/its charm indeed.

Celebrate for his/her/its exceptional and fairy castles (of is in west, to mention the most famous only: Chambord, Cheverny, Blois, Valencay, Chaumont, Chenonceau, Amboise, The Enclosed Lucé, Villandry, Azay the Curtain, Wrapped, Ussé.), the region also possesses many villages of charm (Troo, Lavardin, Montrésor, Crissay on Manse, Candé St. Martin.), of beautiful historic cities (Blois, Amboise, Vendôme, Richelieu, Chinon.), of sumptuous gardens (The Plessis Sasnières, The Mardelle, Chaumont on Loire, Valmer, The Bourdaisière, Beauregard, St. Cosme, Villandry.) and of the sides of romantic Loire.




The region also possesses the cities and cities of character where it makes good to go for a walk (Blois, Tours, Loches.), an outstanding religious heritage, with some of the biggest cathedrals of France (Bourges, Chartres, Orleans, Tours.).

The region centers is a real extract of heritage.