A few story ….

The Maréchalerie was the name of the marshal's shop shoing. It is there, in his/her/its forge that he/it manufactured irons to horses that he/it adjusted then on the hooves of the horse. This shop dates of the 18eme century.

After the war 39-45, having less and less horses, gentleman MOUNIER, the former marshal, began to manufacture the barrows and trailers. It was the first to have the telephone in this small hamlet. It was the 1 to the TRAIL!. And then this shop was abandoned during 25 years. End 1989, fallen in love with this pretty valley us got settled nearby in the just house.

It is in 1990 that we bought the building, then in pitiable state. We renovated it in 1992 in Rooms of hosts and studios, to the big pleasure of his/her/its previous owner (Mrs. aged MOUNIER then of 89 years..) and that saw a little his/her/its youth to reemerge.




About the TRAIL, besides, it was a fully-fledged village until some 1822. By royal order, the village was connected in distant MONTHODON of 5 km and dependent of a different priory. The inhabitants in anger made the feet and hands to be connected to the village of the BOULAY to 3 km, that was in the sense of the city of CASTLE RENAULT (capital of leather to the 19eme century) and especially that belonged at the same priory..

In spite of everything, nothing n' made there and of anger all inhabitants changed religion and became Protestant!!!!! The forsaken Catholic church, was désacralisée and resold to an individual. A small Protestant temple was built in the hamlet and the last office was a marriage celebrated in 1981.

In 1989, the village died himself and a lot of houses were to sell. Today, the hamlet relives. Some young couples got settled and again screams of children resound.

In 1996, a couple of artists created an association for the restoration of the Catholic church. This one dated of the 12eme century and was in very very mediocre state. Today, although always having the pace of a church, it is made of it a Shop of artists. The Protestant temple, he has also been sold to an individual and look again like what he/it was once.